Craig Cohen, CEO of HCS Technology Group interviewed BY CRN on iPad in the Enterprise


“Larger clients have been coming to us for help because there isn’t any clear documentation from Apple on how to support these mobile devices in the enterprise,” said Craig Cohen, president of HCS Technology Group, an Apple consultancy in Bohemia, N.Y.

That Apple is waking up to the benefits of working with the channel makes sense considering the speed and volume of iPhone and iPad sales. Apple will report fourth-quarter results on Oct. 18, but in its fiscal third quarter the company sold 20.34 million iPhones, up 142 percent year over year, and 9.25 million iPads, up 183 percent year over year. It's just-unveiled iPhone 4S racked up over 1 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours it was available. And with the vast majority of Fortune 500 firms either deploying iOS devices or considering doing so, integrating these devices into corporate networks is an emerging area of opportunity for the channel.


Case Study


Intrigue goes State-of-the-Art with new XServe

It was a long time coming, but we reached the point of inevitability. Our old trio of server boxes with a multitude of attached storage drives had reached their limits. It was time to consolidate and increase our file capacity – both for the present and for the future.   

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Mac vs. Windows in the Enterprise

CIO magazine has an article about a polling by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. In the article they mention that the majority responded that Macs are 20% cheaper to manage.

Rescuecom did an evaluation of Mac vs PC support and found that Macs are the #1 in reliability both on hardware and software issues.

American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) charts customer satisfaction across all industries. Apple products have been in the top 5 for customer satisfaction since ACSI started charting back in 1996. For the last 13 years Apple has been in the top 5. In the last 10 years Apple has been in the top 3. Over the last 6 years Apple has ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.

All three of these translate into Savings and Productivity.

Fact: Many management entities mistake an application to be a process. An example of which is Outlook being "a must" for email, calendaring and contact management. All three of these can be done without any Microsoft products at all.

Fact: Macs, properly configured, are excellent AD participants.

Fact: Macs managed by an OD Master in a golden triangle configuration can have policy applied with the ability to secure a Mac far greater than Windows. For example a group can be set to only allow users to run applications specifically in the /Applications folder. Even more secure, the policy can be further set to specific apps (not folders) eliminating apps ran off USB drives, which PCs still suffer from.

Fact: There are no "In the Wild" viruses due to OS X's Unix underbelly. We've been chasing conficker across our Windows boxes for several weeks now and we're a secure network.... Maybe!

FileMaker Go Release

Get your favorite FileMaker Pro features on FileMaker Go

View, edit and search your FileMaker Pro records on your iPhone or iPad with FileMaker Go. Check inventory in the warehouse, manage event registration on-site, or update project status while traveling.

Work with your data as you would in FileMaker Pro!


  • Add, modify, or delete information
  • Find, sort, and navigate through records
  • Display data in familiar Form, Table, and List views

For more information, click here.

  • View information in portals, tabs, or Web Viewers
  • Search for information using Quick Find
  • Connect to External SQL Data Sources


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