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Leveraging the Return On Investment “ROI” of onsite training

To drive maximum return on investment from HCS Technology Group your people need training. But, given all their day-to-day responsibilities, it can be costly and difficult to send them to off-site courses. The solution: bring the training to you, with Onsite Training

Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of courses addressing all Apple, Inc. Professional Applications (Pro Apps) and Information Technology (IT Apps), and a broad range of enterprise and creative applications reaching education, creative, marketing management, technical, operational, and business-related industries.

Whatever content you choose, your Onsite Training courses will be taught by our experts: professionals with extensive experience helping education and the enterprise deploy and profit from the Macintosh platform.

Onsite Training can dramatically reduce your travel costs – and registration costs can be lower as well. What’s more, we handle equipment and logistics: all your people need to do is learn.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Superior Training, Maximum Flexibility, Attractive Pricing
  • Onsite Training delivers all the benefits of traditional off site training, plus cost savings, convenient scheduling, and flexible delivery.
  • There are no travel-related expenses. Plus, bringing training on-site doesn't lower your productivity as much as sending your workers off-site, since employees can still check email or move projects forward.
  • All courses are available for onsite delivery
  • All onsite courses are delivered by HCS Technology Group’s own instructors: experts with extensive experience working with Apple, Inc. Macintosh solutions
  • All onsite course content has been developed by leading professionals in enterprise marketing management, and experts in teaching working professionals
  • Training delivery can be adapted to meet your specific requirements
  • Onsite training offers cost savings over individual student classroom rates
  • With mobile classroom, you have no equipment worries: we ship properly-configured, student-ready equipment to your location
  • You get a maximum number of employees trained in new skills in a minimal amount of time for a lower training costs
  • They receive the same message at the same time, creating synergy to the learning experience that gets everyone “on the same page”.
  • Skill-building training tailored to address your challenges
  • All programs are tailored to your specific needs by evaluating your organization’s skills and practices, and making recommendations for improvement.. We can even design a new course specifically for your organization.
  • Expect higher morale, lower absenteeism and greater loyalty
  • Training not only improves your employees’ skills, it inspires them to pull together as a team and creates a greater sense of job satisfaction. It lets them know you are investing in their future and as a result your organization realizes higher morale, lower absenteeism, and greater company loyalty from your team members.
  • You have flexibility in location, format, and scheduling. Courses can be planned around individual and department schedules.
  • Training can be held anywhere: your headquarters, a branch office, a nearby conference center or hotel, or even at your company retreat or conference. You also have options in format: half-day sessions, full day, two-day programs or ongoing modules. Finally, you have flexibility in scheduling. Training can be delivered any day of the week, nights, weekends and even holidays. Whatever makes it the most convenient and cost effective for your organization!

Classes and programs include outstanding seminar and Apple Authorized manuals written by professionals featuring the most recent Macintosh Operating Systems, troubleshooting, workflows and management best practices. Our manuals are indispensable desktop resources that attendees refer to time and time again.

Mentoring services are provided before and after a class is delivered. Beforehand, the in structor will work with the students or management to understand the environment in which the course is going to be delivered.

HCS Technology Group’s courses are tailored to reflect this understanding. Mentoring after the class is delivered will involve the instructor working side by side with the students in their environment to answer questions, assist in development, solve problems and generally bring the concepts presence in your environment.

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