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As the President & CEO of HCS Technology Group, Craig is a creative decision maker with skills in business development, personnel and project management. He has been very successful in developing HCS’ consulting/professional services, managing software development lifecycle projects, commercial software releases, growth-oriented organizations and training for many Fortune 100 companies.

Craig is an energetic business and process improvement leader with comprehensive experience in IT consulting engagement, business development, software development management, operations management, organizational leadership and strategic planning. He is a skilled team builder and highly effective communicator, who is adept at implementing change.

Craig participates in all portions of the vendor selection, acquisition, security, infrastructure design, deployment, life cycle management, administration and support. He has extensive experience on both the configuration and development side that enables him to ensure the best configuration for the entire environment at his client(s).


iOS 10: Magnifier

After reading iPad Serial Numbers for the last day…

This is my favorite new iOS 10 feature:

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Apple TV Resources

About AirPlay restrictions and Conference Room mode on your Apple TV

Apple TV Settings for the Classroom

Get help with AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


Follow these recommendations for the best possible AirPlay experience:

  • Apple TV should be connected to Ethernet if available.
  • Mount the Apple TV with the rubber side touching the surface it's mounted to.
  • Mount the Apple TV with few or no obstructions between it and the other device.
     Any objects between the two devices could interfere with the BTLE or Wi-Fi signals. Mounting the Apple TV in a cabinet, behind a TV, above a projector, or in the ceiling could degrade the signal between the devices.
  • If possible, avoid using Wi-Fi channels 149 and 153 in rooms where peer-to-peer AirPlay is frequently in use.
  • Though the devices will share air time fairly with the infrastructure network, removing any conflicting traffic from the room improves the stability of the AirPlay session. The fourth–generation Apple TV can also use an 80 MHz wide 802.11ac channel at 149,80 if the device streaming to it is also 802.11ac capable, though the increased throughput available with 802.11ac makes airtime contention less of a concern.

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Mac with USB 3.0 Device Limits

This could fix an issue using Apple Configurator 1 or 2

A Mac with USB 3.0 ports is configured to only see up to a certain number of USB devices.

The following terminal command removes that limit and allows the Mac to talk to as many devices as needed.

sudo nvram usb-options="%01%00%00%00"

To re-enable

sudo nvram -d usb-options

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Apple Caching Server commands

Apple Caching Server commands

Here are some helpful commands as well as location for files to help manage the Appel Caching servers.

Caching server content types

Advanced configuration of the Caching service

Status of caching server
This will include information on all services related to the caching server
sudo serveradmin fullstatus caching

Caching server debugging
To run on debuging run:
sudo serveradmin settings caching: LogLevel = verbose

To return to default:
sudo serveradmin settings caching: LogLevel = error

Pre-loading IPSW files (3rd party)

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Requesting Apple App licenses

Request iOS apps through the Volume Purchase Program (for qualifying iOS devices purchased or activated on or after September 1, 2013)

Request Mac apps through the Volume Purchase Program (for qualifying computers purchased on or after October 1, 2013)

Migrate from redemption codes to managed distribution with the Volume Purchase Program

1. Go to

2. Select “Migrate from redemption codes to managed distribution” from the What do you need help with? drop down.

3. Fill out all fields. In the Apple ID field, enter your VPP admin Apple ID. Do not enter anything in the Volume Purchase Program Credit Order Number(s) field.

4. In the Please tell us more about the issue field, you may want to write a brief note similar to “Please convert redemption codes for Apple ID <yourVPPadminID> to managed distribution licenses”

About VPP Managed Distribution

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Creating an SSL certificate for FileMaker Server 15

Creating a new custom SSL certificate for FileMaker Server

All machines running FileMaker Server should have their own custom SSL certificate. To obtain a new certificate or replace an expired certificate, follow the process separately for each server, including both servers in a two-machine deployment plus the Standby server.

1. Obtain a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).A server’s SSL certificate should be based on that machine’s Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), for example, “”.

2.    Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

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