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Discover a Caching Server on your network

Discover a Caching Server on your network
Prior to macOS Sierra if you wanted to find out whether or not a Caching Server is running on your network you could open up the Console.app and search for "AssetCache" in the logs. This no longer works in macOS Sierra.

Now in Sierra you can use a new tool: AssetCacheLocatorUtil
Enter this command in the Terminal.app and watch it give you detailed information.
It will, in a very verbose manner, tell you if and where a Caching Server is located. It even indicates if "personal caching" is supported. What is personal caching? Simply put it's the server caching personal iCloud data.

To learn more about caching server visit the link below.
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Mac with USB 3.0 Device Limits

This could fix an issue using Apple Configurator 1 or 2

A Mac with USB 3.0 ports is configured to only see up to a certain number of USB devices.

The following terminal command removes that limit and allows the Mac to talk to as many devices as needed.

sudo nvram usb-options="%01%00%00%00"

To re-enable

sudo nvram -d usb-options
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Apple Caching Server commands

Apple Caching Server commands

Here are some helpful commands as well as location for files to help manage the Appel Caching servers.

Caching server content types

Advanced configuration of the Caching service

Status of caching server
This will include information on all services related to the caching server
sudo serveradmin fullstatus caching

Caching server debugging
To run on debuging run:
sudo serveradmin settings caching: LogLevel = verbose

To return to default:
sudo serveradmin settings caching: LogLevel = error

Pre-loading IPSW files (3rd party) 

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iOS: Connecting your iPad to Ethernet

iPad Ethernet Rig

Note: iOS 9.x adjusted the sensitivity to USB bus power and so some older hubs don't work any more.
We tested it with a new Belkin F4U073 and it worked.

Items Needed:
  • iOS Device
  • Powered USB Hub
  • USB Ethernet Adapter
  • USB A to USB B Cable or a USB A to USB A Cable (An A-A cable would be unusual, but will depend on the hub. Use the cable that came with the USB Hub)
  • Lighting to USB Adapter
  • Ethernet Switch/Router

Process: (In no specific order)

  • Disable WiFi and cellular data on the iOS Device.
  • Connect one end of the ethernet cable into a free port on the switch, and the other end into the ethernet port on the USB Ethernet Adapter.
  • Connect the USB end of the adapter to any of the USB ports on the USB hub.
  • Connect the USB A cable to the USB hub.
  • Connect the power cable for the USB hub to the hub and plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  • Connect the USB end of the Lighting to USB Adapter to the other end of the USB cable that came with your USB hub.
  • Connect the Lightning end of the adapter into your iPad.
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Find My iPhone "Send Last Location"

In the event that your iPhone is lost, and you need to attempt to find it using the "Find My iPhone" feature, make sure to have the setting for "Send Last Location" enabled. This setting will send out the last known location of the phone and will allow for you to find your phone even if the battery has died. Make sure your general Find My iPhone feature is already enabled.

You can follow these easy steps to enable the feature:

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Planning for iOS 8

Apple has announced that iOS 8 will be released on Wednesday, September 17 as a free update. iOS 8 is supported on all versions of iPad except the original iPad.

iOS 8 has many great features that will be very beneficial for your students and teachers. Here is a very small sampling:

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